Feel Secure With A Surveillance Camera System

One of the most important parts of feeling secure is knowing what’s happening in and around your home.  Our home surveillance camera systems are the perfect addition to any security system, helping you keep your home and family safe and secure even if you’re away from home.

As you might expect finding the best security camera system takes a little work.  There are plenty of options to choose from.  From lightweight systems with cloud-based monitoring to fully custom closed systems, our security team can help you find the right system for your needs.

Cloud Based Video Surveillance Systems

Wireless Security Camera SystemIf you’re just starting your research on home video surveillance systems you have likely stumbled on cloud-based systems like Nest or other similar systems.

Cloud-based systems rely on a network of wireless cameras that send their video to a central location online.  Users have the option to view what their cameras are seeing by logging onto a website or using a smartphone app.  Most cloud-based systems also allow users to pay an extra monthly fee for a recording service.

The benefit of a cloud-based system is their low upfront cost and the fact that you do not need to install recording equipment in your home.  On the other hand, many of these systems have limited capabilities, do not allow for much customization, and often require you pay a monthly fee for recording.

Hard Wired Closed Surveillance Systems

For the ultimate security and surveillance system home or business owners must turn to a closed system.  Called a closed system because it is entirely contained on the premises, this type of set up allows for endless customization and does not rely on less secure wireless systems to function.

Analog (CCTV) Surveillance System

In an analog or, CCTV system security, cameras transmit video to a recording device using standard coax cable.  These record onto a system similar to the DVR on your TVs cable box and can provide an HD picture up to 1080p.

IP Camera Surveillance Systems

An IP camera system is entirely digital and transfers video to a storage device using data wire.  While these systems are more expensive than analog systems they offer many advantages including a higher picture resolution and much more flexibility in how video is stored.

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Remote Monitoring For Home Surveillance Camera Systems

Remote Monitored Security Camera System

Do you need a way to keep tabs of what’s going on back home while you travel for business or pleasure?  Regardless of whether you choose a cloud-based camera system or a hardwired closed surveillance system, you’ll have the option of downloading an app on your smartphone that allows you to monitor your home from anywhere in the world.

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