5 Ways to Make Your Home More Secure 

Protecting your loved ones at home has never been easier.

With current home surveillance and security technology, it’s possible to design a safe, smart home that responds to your every need.

From automatic lights to locks that alert you if a door isn’t secured, here are 5 of the top products from guaranteed to make your home safer. 

Intuitively manage your home with

Geo Fences

Geo-fences enhance your home’s safety by allowing you to set up specific areas for certain actions. For example, as you enter (or exit) a boundary near you, you can program your home’s lights to turn on or off.  

Geofencing is simply a location-based service. This app triggers a pre-programmed action when a mobile device enters or exits a virtual border. 

Best for: Home automation. 

Protect your packages with an touchless video doorbell

Doorbell Cameras

It’s easy to protect what’s yours (especially your Prime packages) with an touchless video doorbell and smart lock.

This smart device will alert you when any visitor approaches your doorstep (or when package thieves try to swing by). You can also chat with your visitors on the spot!

Let’s say you have an upcoming delivery. You can now tell your driver where to leave your package (without physically answering your door).  For times when you prefer an in-home delivery, you can even temporarily unlock your door and lock it up again from your video doorbell call screen.
Best for: Package and visitor safety.

Customize how your home responds to you with Scenes from


Keeping a mental checklist for the safety of your home can get exhausting! 

Now, Scenes will do it for you.

With Scenes, you can tap on your app just once to arm your entire security system.

As you tap, your home bundles multiple actions in one, including locking your doors, closing your garage, and adjusting your lights. 

Best for: All-inclusive, one-step security systems.

Wellness Technology from


Are your kids up? Did your spouse leave the house?‘s innovative Wellness solutions give you an easy way to stay in the know.

Wellness works by using a system of non-intrusive sensors throughout your home to alert you when meaningful activity does (or doesn’t) happen.

Best for: Monitoring individual safety.

Customize your video alerts with security cameras from

Security Cameras’s Places is another security application that lets you automatically pause any (or all) of your camera’s recordings when you’re home. 

This way, you can stop alerts you don’t need and save video clips.

This digital tool is best known for its video analytics, which can automatically turn your outdoor lights on to keep intruders away (while overlooking animals).

Best for: Keeping intruders away.

Keep your family and home safe! 

Invest in security cameras and surveillance by for greater peace of mind. Get started today with a free quote today!