Commercial Audio

Get professional commercial audio solutions installed into your space for the ultimate listening experience. Built-in speakers provide the perfect solution for background music, paging and announcements, and so much more.

Background Music

Set up your space with an audio system to play background music throughout. Connect your audio device to a built-in speaker system so you can provide your team and guests with enjoyable background music.


Setup your built-in speaker system for paging capabilities. Make announcements, public addresses, or any other form of communication directly through your comprehensive speaker system.

Sports & Entertainment

Setup HiFi sports and entertainment speaker systems for your athletic facilities and venues so you can make announcements, play music, and elevate the entire listening experience.

Professional space

The difference between professional space systems from home systems is that the speakers are able to run in a daisy-chain, meaning each speaker jumps from one to another rather than having to be home run.  It allows for easier installation, less wire, and less maintenance. The speakers installed in these environments are specifically designed to create a high-quality sound in areas where the sound is needed to be evenly distributed.

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