A Guide to the Ultimate Outdoor TV & Audio Setup

Summertime is finally here, and there’s no better way to enjoy warmer days than by having the big game playing on your patio while grilling out and listening to your favorite music. This setup is just one of the ways that you can enjoy your outdoor space with a TV, speakers, and more. Before getting started on building your outdoor entertainment space, it’s important to conceptualize your layout and know which technology you will need to install. Here are some suggestions on how to create your ultimate outdoor TV and audio space.

Outdoor Audio

Setting up an audio system in a small area such as a porch, patio, or deck is the most common way to define your entertainment section in your outdoor space. While you don’t need an expansive audio setup in these settings, selecting the right equipment depends on a few factors, such as where the speakers should be mounted. If you would like to insert an audio system into an overhang on your porch or pergola, having speakers that are mounted through the ceiling would fit your needs nicely. On the other hand, if you have an open-air outdoor space, then mounting your speakers in-wall would be a better option.

It’s also important to space your speakers out accordingly so that the audio that’s played doesn’t sound spaced out. For the best sound, we recommend having the left and right speakers set up about 10 feet apart. 

If you would like to spread your speaker system further than 10 feet apart across a large yard or swimming pool, our experts can work with you to create a zoned outdoor speaker system. Similar to a whole-home audio system, each zone in your outdoor system has a separate speaker setup with individual volume control. Our team can help you in determining where your speakers should be placed, as well as the amount of speakers you will need in order to have rich, full-bodied sound throughout your space.

Outdoor TV

Dragging out the living room TV to the patio on a nice summer evening is an easy way to have outdoor entertainment, but isn’t a long-term solution. If you’re looking to have a TV as a permanent fixture in your outdoor space, we recommend installing a weatherproof TV from top brands such as Sealoc and SunbriteTV. These all-weather LED-LCD TVs are built to be durable and long-lasting, and can withstand all outdoor elements such as humidity, high heat, extreme colds, salt air, and more. 

Sunloc and SunBrite TVs are also designed to operate under all lighting conditions, so whether you’re showing the big game in peak sunlight or hosting a scary movie night on a dark evening, you’ll always have a brilliant and vivid display to watch. 

Because these televisions are so versatile, they can be mounted anywhere you’d like in order to provide you with the ultimate outdoor viewing experience. However, we suggest using a TV mount that is meant to go outside, as indoor mounts are not built to withstand outdoor elements and will rust and fall apart faster. In addition to this, having outdoor cables and drip loops will help prevent water intrusion, as well as costly repairs and replacements. We offer various sizes and models of weatherproof TVs, along with weatherproof enhancements and accessories like speakers and soundbars, corrosion-resistant wall and ceiling mounts, and all-weather dust covers. 

Get Started Today!

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