Colorbeam Lighting

Lifestyle, Wellness and Experiential Lighting Solutions

Colorbeam Lighting delivers revolutionary low voltage lighting systems that create immersive and controllable lighting experiences for residential, commercial and hospitality spaces.

The Future of Lighting

Residential Lighting Solutions

Discover the transformative power of Colorbeam’s lifestyle and wellness lighting through our affiliate partnership with Neuwave Systems. With a simple press of a button, switch between energizing morning light, natural daylight, and cozy evening warmth. Our tunable, human-centric lighting technology is designed to enrich your living environment, providing a healthier and more delightful experience for your family’s indoor and outdoor spaces.


Commercial & Hospitality Lighting Solutions

Revitalize your business space with Colorbeam’s lighting, offered through our affiliate partnership with Neuwave Systems. Create inviting and dynamic environments that attract and retain customers, enhancing satisfaction with our easy-to-control indoor and outdoor lighting solutions. Make your brand shine and keep your space perpetually fresh and engaging.


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