Luma Surveillance

The Ultimate HD Solution Designed for the Everyday. Experience an HD surveillance solution both indoors and out, complete with an app that makes camera control simple.

Taking Video to the Next Level

Luma Surveillance™ is different than your average video surveillance. With crystal-clear video in Full HD, you can see the finer details in life. You aren’t just capturing pictures, you’re capturing moments. From your child’s first steps to your dog’s shenanigans, with Luma, you’re able to record and playback the most important memories in your life.

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Built For You

Luma’s simple and intuitive user interface is consistent across multiple platforms, giving you complete control of your system. Advanced playback capability allows you to pause, rewind, and jump to a live feed with just the push of a button. And with Luma’s intuitive app, you can access the video directly on your phone or tablet at all times.

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Night Vision

Exceptional video quality shouldn’t be limited to a 9-5 schedule. Luma utilizes Sense-Up technology, which allows you to view nighttime video in full color.

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Made To Last

Built to defend against Mother Nature and potential vandals, Luma cameras keep recording in even the toughest conditions. With reliability in any space, HD capture and impressive storage capabilities, Luma cameras are up for the challenge.

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Seamless Home Integration

A smarter home makes for a simpler life. Luma Surveillance works alongside your home automation system for ultimate convenience.

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