Salamander Designs

Advanced Workspace & Entertainment Solutions

Salamander's personalized entertainment furniture adapts to individual preferences, transforming spaces with unique details and luxurious comfort. Forget "one-size-fits-all"—here, furniture is molded to your specifications.

Solutions to Suit Every Room

Home Entertainment Seating Designs

Salamander seating offers ergonomic design for extended comfort, supporting critical body areas in all positions. Customize your entertainment seating to fit your space perfectly, enhancing it with unique details. Built to endure, Salamander seating combines quality construction with durability, essential for frequent use and the demands of motion seating. Our team at Neuwave Systems can help create the perfect space for you.


TV Stands & Mount Solutions

Our mounts merge artistry with functionality, offering premium quality and reliability. With a range to suit various needs and settings—from home theaters to professional studios—each mount is designed to enhance your space with its superior performance and style. Ready to upgrade your home theater experience with Neuwave and Salamander Designs?


Customizable AV Storage

Our modular storage system redefines customization with inherent performance, style, and value. Built on a sturdy aluminum frame, it offers a range of styles and sizes, with options for adaptable interiors, active cooling, and wire management. These cabinets combine desirable designs with features that enhance audio/visual system performance, ensuring quality and value. Our team is on hand to assist you in designing a storage solution that perfectly meets your needs.


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