Triad Speakers

Triad is a leader in bespoke audio experiences and luxury audio systems for home theater and whole-home listening. Neuwave is a proud dealer of Triad Speakers.

Audio Solutions for Home Theater, Outdoors & More

Bespoke Audio Without Compromise

Triad delivers the same high-performance audio throughout the home as it does with home theater, with our extensive selection of in-ceiling and in-wall speakers and subwoofers. These premium speakers can be discreetly integrated virtually anywhere to ensure a continuously immersive music experience!

Learn more about Triad Speakers’ top-quality audio from the experts at Neuwave.


Never Miss A Beat

Triad’s premium all-weather outdoor speakers extend the multi-room musical experience outside! Enjoy immersive, uncompromising sound quality as you move from inside to outside with our premium all-weather outdoor speakers, so you never miss a beat.

Learn about Neuwave’s installation process for your new outdoor systems.


Custom Audio Solutions

Dramatically improve the sound of any viewing experience with Triad’s fully customizable soundbars. They offer a combination of built-to-order craftsmanship with industry-leading audio.

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