Employee Spotlight: Luke Spencer

We are happy to bring you another inside look, at a day in the life of a Neuwave Employee. 
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Luke Spencer

Q:State your name please
A:My full name is Frank Luke Spencer Jr., I go by Luke because my father goes by Frank.

Q:Where are you from?
A:I grew up in a suburb of New Orleans, Louisiana.

Q:What do you do at Neuwave?  What’s your position entail?
A:I am a field technician, I work in our customers homes and businesses installing all of the wonderful technology that our company provides, and I also do alot of troubleshooting and repairing of the problems that these types of electronic systems inevitably encounter.

Q: How long have you worked for Neuwave?
A: I have worked for Neuwave since May of 2005, and prior to that I worked for the owners of Neuwaves previous company, so in total I have been with these guys for almost 10 years.

Q: What is a day like at Neuwave?
A: A day at Neuwave is about the most varied thing one could imagine. I might be installing 100k worth of electronics in some famous coach’s mansion this week, then next week I may be digging holes in some guy’s  back yard installing speakers around his swimming pool. It really is wild, we specialize in so many different things that our jobs cover alot of bases. Sometimes we may be working in one home/business for three weeks straight, then the following week we might visit three or four different home/business’s per day. It has it’s ups and downs for sure, it’s nice not going to the same place day after day, but it can also be taxing depending on the circumstances.

Q: What is your favorite thing about working for Neuwave?
A: My favorite thing about working for Neuwave would either have to be the beautiful homes, or the amazing technology that we get to see on a regular basis. It kind of spoils you to be honest, it makes you realize just how many cool things money can buy, and it really makes you wish you had an unlimited supply of money to buy those things with. =D

Q: What are some of your favorite brands/lines that Neuwave carries and why?
A: As far as my favorite brands go, I would say my top items would probably be the TV’s and projectors.Sound is great but there is no substitute fo having a big beautiful screen to look at. Sony, Samsung, and Epson make the nicest displays that we currently install in my opinion. As far as the audio side, Integra and Yamaha make some pretty amazing surround sound receivers. Although, they really wouldn’t sound all that good without a great set of speakers hooked up to them. That’s where our Klipsch speakers comes into play. The Reference line from Kilpsch really sets the stage for a great home theater or music listening experience.

Spectacular Klipsch Speakers set up

Q: What do you do for fun when you aren’t not making A/V a reality in customers homes?
A: I am a father of a wonderful 6 year old daughter, 2 cats and 2 dogs, and I live with an awesome wife. We enjoy spending time with each other, indoors and out. Reading books, playing board games, swimming, hiking, and cooking together. I love hacking and modding the android operating system for smartphones and I am also a bit of a gamer, so it’s not unusual to find my vegetating in front of my Xbox on a weekend night:) I also love playing musical instruments, in fact my last birthday present from my parents was having my childhood piano moved into my house, so I spend a good deal of time playing that and I am slowly starting the daunting task of teaching my daughter to play.

Q: What A/V technoligies do you have in your house?
A: My home AV system is not dissimilar from what I install on a daily basis, 10 years of piecing together good deals and customer hand me downs on electronics has left me with a fairly nice collection. I only have two tv’s because that is more than enough, but I have speakers in quite a few rooms and some reclaimed rock speakers in my back yard. So needless to say listening to music is a big part of our life.

Q: So, Now our real question…Do you pull for State or (clinching our eyes and turning our head) UNC?
A: Not really a Wolfpack fan, growing up in Louisiana I tend to lean more towards teams from my region, i.e…LSU or Florida teams, although my wife and her family are diehard Carolina fans, so I definitely enjoy the amazing ACC rivalry that I live in the middle of. I think competition of any kind makes life more interesting.