Energy Efficient Home Upgrades Using Technology

Lighting is one of those things you can’t do without in your home. However, lighting alone costs approximately 10% of the total energy costs. This is quite high considering all the other costs that you have to pay. 

But living in comfort and minimizing energy costs is one of the things you can achieve by using technology. Through automating your lighting, shading and temperature system, you can enjoy huge benefits from the touch of a button. 

Saving energy costs is good because it helps you have more money. It also helps conserve the environment because most of the energy-efficient solutions are very sustainable. Here’s a look at some of the energy-efficient home upgrades using technology.

Why Do You Need Energy Efficient Home Upgrades?

Before we go any further, it is important to understand why you need energy-efficient home upgrades. Energy efficiency saves you money. That is the main benefit especially if you’re living in a very expensive home. Installing a few energy-efficient upgrades will put more money in your pocket allowing you to get more value. 

Energy-efficient home upgrades also enhance the safety of you and your family. For instance, a smart thermostat that can be controlled from your phone may notify you if there is a fire. This could help speed up the emergency response time. 

Energy-efficient home upgrades also make the house more attractive. They also enhance the design of your home and even help you decide which is the most comfortable room. Energy-efficient home upgrades give you control and help make your life easier.

Modern living room interior with sofa

Automatic Lighting Systems

You can automate your houses’ lighting system by using technology. The electronic lighting system is linked to your phone using an app. This gives you the power to control your houses’ lighting system from anywhere you are. You can also decide to automatically switch off the lights when natural light gets in or when no one is home. 

The main advantage of an automatic lighting system is that it saves you money. The app also allows you to create multiple schedules of when the light should be on or off. With an automatic lighting system, you can decide to redesign your house because there is no need for wall switches. 

The automatic lighting system can also help you control the intensity of light. This allows you to control the amount of light you want in a room from none, dim or full. 

Advanced Shade and Window Control

Energy-efficient home upgrades also include automatic windows and shades. There are new energy-efficient windows that come fitted with microprocessors and sensors. These windows are slightly more expensive. But they will save you a lot of money in the long run. 

The windows automatically adjust to the level of natural light. This means that during the day, they can automatically open to allow more natural light into your home. The windows can also close when there is limited natural light. 

The automatic shading system can also be linked with the windows and lighting system. This helps give you complete control over the lighting of your home. Automatic shades also help protect your house from excess heat especially during hot sunny days. Automatic shades also help you protect your privacy especially if you are living in a crowded neighborhood. 

You can also link the automated shades to your security system. This in addition to an automatic lighting system will turn your house into a smart home that is energy efficient.

Automated Temperature Control

Energy-efficient home upgrades can’t do much if there is no temperature control system. Using an automatic thermostat system for the whole house will help you save money. The automatic thermostat system can be easily controlled from your phone using an app. 

This means that you can control the temperature and humidity level in your house from anywhere. Using automated thermostats will also help warn you when there is excess or misuse of energy. This will help you control all the cooling and heating devices. Thus, giving you the power to monitor and even lower your energy bills. 

The remote-control access to the automatic thermostat system also helps regulate the temperature of your house when you are not there. The temperature sensors of the thermostat can be installed in your walls or ceilings. This helps you select a design that will suit your preference and still give you an energy-efficient home.

Automated Vents

Ventilation is also another part of your house that can be upgraded using technology. By automating your vent system, you can ensure that your house has proper ventilation throughout the day. 

The vents are installed in the ceiling. One of the cost benefits of automatic vents is that they may run on solar power. This means that the electric bill will not increase. Proper ventilation helps regulate the temperature of your house. They also prevent the growth of molds in your ceiling.

The vents can be controlled from the touch of a button. The app could also help you monitor the vents you have installed. Automatic vents could help you conserve energy and allow you to have good temperature regardless of the weather seasons. 


Technologically enhanced foams provide better insulation that can be used for your doors and walls. The insulation helps conserve energy by regulating temperature loss from your house. Insulation is also important in controlling the amount of noise. 

Technologically enhanced insulation materials also help protect doors or attics from decay. This ensures that your house remains in good condition for a very long time. 

The Smart Home Experience

Energy efficiency has long been the main goal for many homeowners. By using energy-efficient home upgrades that are built with technology, this goal can be achieved. Automating various aspects of your house such as lighting, windows, and temperature may be costly at first. 

However, in the long run, this technology helps you conserve energy and protect your home. Energy-efficient home upgrades also help protect the safety of you and your family. Making your house a smart home is not only about comfort but it is also about saving money and conserving energy.