Flat Screen Installation on a Brick Wall or Fireplace

A Customer of ours asked on facebook the other day this question:

Q: “Do you guys mount flat-screen TV’s to fireplaces”?

A:  We absolutely do this kind of job, Check out the before and after shots below!

Step 1: Clear off the space

Take off existing artwork for some real entertainment!


Step 2: Prep the surface

The brick fireplace facade is carefully demolished.


Step 3: Outline a space for your frame

The demolition continues and the base for the frame is measured out.


Step 4: Assemble the frame

A frame is outlined as well as filled in with concrete for a stable                backing for the TV

Step 5: Install Flatscreen and Electrical Wiring

The flat screen is mounted and installed

Step 5: Enjoy!

The electrical wiring is installed and the Flatscreen is ready to be enjoyed in a naturally placed position in the room.

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