Get Your Home Ready for Super Bowl LIII

One of the most anticipated sporting events is upon us once again. The hype is about to begin, but if your home ready for it? Super Bowl LIII is on February 3 and is going to be here before you know it. That’s why we’ve pulled together a quick hit-list of things you can do to prepare your home to immerse yourself into the big game.


Super Bowl Food
To enjoy the game, you’re going to need food. And depending on the size of your viewing party, you may need a lot of it. You can’t go wrong with main entrees like pizza, wings, or tacos. But you may want to consider something different or spice up the sides to give your gathering something unique. pulled together 50 food ideas for your Super Bowl viewing party that can help you make it epic.


Super Bowl Seating
If your guests can’t see the game and be comfortable doing so, it makes for a less appealing experience. Try to get a gauge on your attendance and setup your home to accommodate an appropriate amount of comfortable seating that allows them to watch and enjoy the game with the group. This can be challenging as your parties grows in size, but vital in the experience for your guests.


Super Bowl TVs
This is how you execute. Do you have proper cable or streaming service to access the game? That’s step number 1. Next is to make sure you have a television and audio system that engulfs you into the big game. This can get tough if you don’t have the equipment or maybe the tech knowledge to get it all up and running. Luckily you can get help from service companies (like Neuwave) to get your media room or home theater setup to make your viewing party everything it needs to be for the ultimate experience. Don’t settle for a dated TV or built in speakers. We can set up your home with the tech that will make you feel apart of the game.

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