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Live Easier and Breathe Better with a Central Vacuum System

Beam Central Vacuum SystemA central vacuum is a vacuum cleaner with components that consist of a stationary power unit, hose inlets, and PVC pipes. The central power unit is normally installed in the basement or garage, keeping the dust outside of the living areas of the home. Hose inlets are strategically placed in the walls throughout your home where a hose transfer the dirt to the central power unit.

Check out the benefits of having a central vacuum system installed in your home.

Quick and Efficient

Your days of lugging around that heavy canister filled with dirt and grime or pushing around an upright vacuum are over. All you have to do is hook up a hose to any one of the inlets in the walls and start cleaning! No more tripping over cords or wondering if the vacuum cord will reach from the outlet to the other side of the room. The lightweight and easy-to-use vacuum system is perfect for any home, big or small. The central vacuum is the definition of convenience!

Less Maintenance

Central vacuum systems are very low maintenance compared to portable vacuums. Unlike upright vacuums, central vacuum systems require minimal upkeep with no need to change filters and empty bags regularly. The central vacuum has a self-cleaning filter that never has to be replaced and it also has a large dirt bucket that only needs to be emptied about twice a year.

Central Vacuum Crumb Catcher


The great thing about the central vacuum system is that there are multiple functions to the unit! The various options include specialized accessories and standard cleaning attachments such as, the VacPan, the Bare Floor Brush, the Dust Mop, and many more. These diverse cleaning tools make central vacuums perfect for almost any job.


The central vacuum is up to five times more powerful than any leading upright vacuum because the power unit is stationary and located outside of the living areas. The stationary power unit allows for a larger motor, providing more suction.

Minimal Noise

No more worrying if you’ll wake the kids up from their nap or bother your spouse while they are working; the central vacuum is as quiet as a mouse. You can easily go about your cleaning tasks without fear of disturbing others. It is so quiet that you can even chat on the phone with a friend while you are vacuuming! It’s all about multitasking these days, right?

Cleaner Air

The most important factor about the central vacuum system is that it provides cleaner air for longer periods of time than a portable vacuum would. Since there is no need to replace filters and bags in the living space, more dust stays out of the air.

With a portable vacuum, since the power unit, filtration system, and most importantly, exhaust, all happen in your living space these system tend to recirculate quite a bit of dust. A central vacuum avoids this problem by removing the entire system from your living space.

Portable vacuums have a tendency to recirculate dust, while the central vacuum eliminates the dust completely, removing it from the home and carrying it to the central power unit.

Clinical Proof

Research from UC-Davis on central vacuums shows central vacuum systems remove 100% of dust, dirt, pollen, animal dander, and other allergens which help reduce allergy symptoms by as much as 61%. The goal of the study was to prove which type of vacuum was best for reducing allergies. They gathered data from 25 participants who used either a conventional vacuum or the central vacuum system for a total of 3 months and then switched over. The participants then completed the Juniper Rhinoconjunctivitis Quality of Life questionnaire (RQLQ) sequentially for a series of 6 months. The study reported that the central vacuum cleaner was the better choice in all 7 domains of the questionnaire.

Central vacuums are more than just a vacuum cleaner, they’re a lifesaver. Let the central vacuum system make your life easier! Talk to our experts to see how a central vacuum system can make your home cleaner and life easier.

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