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Media Room vs Theater Room – What’s the Difference?

One of the most popular questions we receive at Neuwave System is, “Should I get a home theater or a media room?” Below is a more in-depth explanation of each.

Home Theater

Perhaps you have gathered that home theater rooms are taken a bit more seriously. Aside from comfy, oversized bucket seats, and often soundproofed walls, home theaters are areas where homeowners want the best experience with high-quality audio, visual, and lighting. A home theater is perfect for those who demand the ultimate viewing experience.

Home theaters provide a movie theater-like experience with personal touches and an overall impressive visual result.

Media Room

A media room is practically an existing family room on audio and visual steroids. We can use any existing common room and outfit it to serve more of a dual-purpose to meet the needs that may arise. The media room serves as a centralized meeting area to watch sports games, shows, or listen to music.

Unlike home theaters, media rooms aren’t as restrictive in terms of location, outside noise and functionality. It’s an immersive section of a home that welcomes many varieties of social interaction.

Having a hard time choosing between a home theater room or a media room for your home?  Get in touch with one of the design and installation experts at Neuwave Systems to help design the perfect audio / visual room for your home.

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