Planning Your Home Theater

Summer is here in full force and that means one thing to film buffs… It’s movie time! The kids are out of school, it’s too darn hot outside to do anything but melt, and lets face, we just love watching movies.

While heading out to the theater has been a summer tradition as long as there have been movies to watch, a trip out to the multiplex this year might have you questioning your love of the theater. With ticket prices approaching $10 and snack prices soaring, a trip to the movies can run close to $20 a person!

Never fear loyal cinephile, there is another choice. Imagine sitting in the comfort of your home, digging into a bowl of chips that didn’t cost as much as a monthly gym membership, and enjoying your favorite summer movie (It is Jaws right?) in the peace and quiet of your own home.


The first step to creating your own home theater is to plan. I know, I know, it much more fun to start looking at gear, but trust me, a little time spent putting together a plan will go a long way toward a successful project.


First things first. What kind of space do you have available? Your new home theater may be situated in a quiet corner of the family room or in a dedicated room. Either way, it’s important to evaluate the space you have available. There is no point in buying a huge projection screen if a 60” flat screen will do the job.

The Screen

When it comes to buying the perfect screen for your project it’s easy to get a little shell-shocked by all the options. With stores displaying 30 or 40 flat screens of all kinds and limitless choices online, being overwhelmed is no surprise.

The biggest choice to make is projector vs flatscreen. This decision is often made for you based on the size of screen you need. While modern flatscreens offer better resolution, for large spaces a projection system is often a better choice.

The Sound

Often overshadowed by choosing the right screen, your choice of sound systems is the real make or break component of a quality home theater system. The AV receiver is the hub of your system so be sure to find one the suits your needs including the correct inputs, a variety of sound settings, and compatibility with the surround sound standards used in movies like Dolby Digital, DTS, and SDDS.

Choosing speakers is a mostly subjective task. Your own personal taste should guide you when choosing speakers. The best way to make the choice is to visit a showroom and listen to a variety of speakers to find the perfect option for your taste.

The Final Step

Now that all the planning is done it’s time to get out there and start putting together your new custom home theater system!

If the process of choosing components and installing a home theater system seems a little more that you’re willing to take on but you still crave a killer home theater, the professionals at Neuwave Systems would love to give you a hand. By getting a thorough understanding of your needs and wants, our consultation process is designed to make building your dream home theater as simple as possible.

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