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Score BIG at your 2017 Super Bowl Party With These 5 Tips

Whether you are Giants, Cowboys, or Patriots fan, we know you have been counting down for the final game of the season! Kickoff for Super Bowl LI is set for Sunday, February 5, 6:30pm. From snacks to soundbars, here are the top 5 things you need before the start of the big game:


Just like the weeks surrounding the holidays, the biggest of all game days is all about the food! Finger foods and small bites are ideal for partygoers. Remember, you’ll be eating for 3 or 4 hours so large meals are not necessary. Some great food ideas include wings, pizza, sliders, and any mishmash of dips with a crunchy pairing (halftime game changer: pull out some buffalo chicken dip!). Inviting guests with a sweet tooth? Score some points with a platter of gooey brownies and cookies.


Your friends are ready for a party so offer some spirits to go along with their celebratory touchdown dances. Coolers filled with variety of beer are essential, as well as some colorful Jell-O shots waiting in the fridge. The best cocktails for the party are the ones that are fun, tasty, and easy to serve in a pitcher. Always have a case of water and soda on the sideline for the underage and overly intoxicated.


Whether you are hosting the party in the media room or TV room, your seating must be arranged around the big screen. Lose the nice décor and unnecessary furniture. Your significant other might not approve at first, but when the empties start getting knocked over and the snacks spilled, she’ll be glad you hid the china.


Speaking of sitting around to watch the game, now is the time to go and buy that big screen or install the home theater you have been fantasizing about. Look for a visual projector or TV that has excellent picture quality and wide viewing angles for your guest to enjoy at every viewpoint.


Don’t settle for the ordinary audio experience. For the most important football game of the year, you and your guests are going to want to hear the play that got overturned or the whimper of the puppy in the beer commercials. To make sure every bit of dialogue is crisp and clean, use a wireless soundbar and subwoofer.

You have put in a season of mental toughness, hours of strategic draft picking, and have come up with the most groundbreaking trash talking. Neuwave Systems will allow you to have the high-quality viewing experience you deserve.

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