Outdoor TV’s & Projectors

Enhance your outdoor living spaces with beautiful outdoor televisions and projector systems. We install brands like Sealoc and SunBrite weatherproof TVs so you can sit back and enjoy the big game, your favorite show, or the latest film in the comfort of your porch, patio, or pool. Learn about the benefits of working with Neuwave in outfitting your outdoor space with a weatherproof TV.


TV’s that are built to withstand the elements. They’ll hold up against water, dust, and dirt, so you can keep enjoying your outdoor TV without worrying about technology failures from the weather.

Color Contrast

Screens built for the outdoors so you can enjoy crystal clear displays in the nighttime or when the sun is high in the sky. No more glare or reflections that ruin your viewing experience.

Top Brands

We’re only working with top brand TVs like Samsung and SunBrite to bring you the highest quality TVs to your outdoor space. Completely ready to enhance your outdoor living experience.

Installation Services

Get your weatherproof TV installed in your outdoor space. Custom installation even into a brick wall, fireplace, patio, front porch, or wherever you’d like to enjoy your viewing experience.

Spaces for TV's and Projectors

  • Yamaha
  • ADI
  • Origin Acoustics
  • Control4
  • Sony
  • Sonos
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