Sonos Playbar Review

Sonos perfected multiroom digital music for the home. It wasn’t the first company to take on the task, but Sonos’ system is so easy to use and undeniably superior that it’s easy to recommend, even at a premium price.

Now Sonos wants to conquer the living room with the Playbar. In many ways, the company’s first sound bar is a success. Its understated looks fit Sonos’ design ethos and it’s ingeniously designed so it can lie relatively flush when wall-mounted or placed on a TV cabinet. The Playbar is also one of the only sound bars that does a convincing job of simulated surround sound, making it sound like there are speakers to your sides when there aren’t. You can even wirelessly pair up the Playbar with the Sonos Sub and a pair of Play:3 speakers for a bonafide 5.1-channel home theater system. It’s home theater, reinvented from the ground up, ditching legacy compatibility for the simplicity of wireless.

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