Bonus Room

Outfit any bonus room with technology solutions that will bring it to life. Enhance your space with systems get even more use out of your bonus rooms. Our team of tech experts will work with you to build out a system custom to your space. Plus, have everything professionally installed for peace of mind.

TV’s & Projectors

  • High definition: Up to 8k resolution for TVs and Projectors
  • Size matters: Get the perfect size to fit your space
  • Top brands: Sony, Samsung, LG, Epson, and more
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Home Audio

  • High-quality speakers from the best brands
  • Stand-alone speakers, built-in wall, or even outdoor weatherproof options
  • Room controls from a central control hub
  • Device connectivity to listen from any device
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Home Automation

Home automation allows you to make your life:

  • Simpler and full control
  • More cost-effective
  • Green
  • Safer


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Temperature Control

  • Energy-saving solutions
  • Full remote control through mobile device connectivity
  • Remote sensors so every room is comfortable
  • Humidity control
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Automated Shades

  • Save energy by blocking out UV rays in an instant
  • Integrate with connected devices, lighting control applications, and other smart home technology
  • Control your privacy and lighting at the touch of a button
  • Sleek aesthetic designs for any style home
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Security Cameras

  • Monitor from anywhere using your mobile device
  • Motion-activated cameras
  • Cloud-based storage options for your footage
  • High definition quality with enhanced night vision
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New Construction

Involved in 4 phases:

  • The rough in-wiring and specs
  • The trim-out installation
  • Electronic installation
  • Ongoing services
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  • High-quality
  • Hi-Fi
  • Top brands
  • Covered and uncovered turntables
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2 Channel Stereo

  • Hi-fidelity
  • True analog form
  • High-tech
  • Separate components for the best quality
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