2016 TV Round Up

TV Buying Season Has Arrived!

With the holidays just around the corner (I know you’re trying not to think of it, sorry!) now is the perfect time to start thinking about your next TV upgrade.  We know you’re super busy so we thought we would give you a quick review of some of our favorite brands of TVs on the market this year.

Buying a TV used to be a simple task.  A quick trip out to your local department store would give you the choice from two, maybe three models if you were lucky.

These days with the advances in picture technology, smart tv applications, and plenty of different outlets selling countless brands it takes a little more time to understand your options and make sure you find the perfect TV.

As we said, we get that you busy so let’s take a look at our three favorite TVs for the holiday season.

Sony XBR-X930D

If your looking for the wallet-friendly price of an LED LCD TV but aren’t willing to take the chance on a marginal brand, this Sony might be the perfect choice for you.

This 4K HDR Android TV  brings amazing picture quality, great color, and deep black levels to the table.  It also offers an excellent app selection that means you may not even need an external streaming box to enjoy all your favorite shows.

It is one one of the more expensive models in its class but offers a sleek design that will look great mounted on your wall to go along excellent performance making this model a great choice for many shoppers this year.

Samsung UNKS8000

The KS8000 is the least-expensive Ultra High Definition TV on the market from Samsung this year.  It features a picture that may not be the best in class but is pretty darn good for the price.

This model also offers some pretty cool extras that make it an integral part of your home.  Besides the standard streaming video apps, the Samsung has the ability to control many devices throughout your home with the included remote.

Great bang for the buck is the bottom line on this Samsung.  With a great style, completely acceptable picture, and an excellent price, this TV offers a great value.


Not willing to compromise on overall picture quality?  This LG has consistently been one of the best-reviewed TVs on the marketing this year.  LG has a recent history of making TVs with top level picture quality, and this model is no exception.

All of this quality comes with s bit of a downside, price.  This B6 model is the cheapest of the 4K OLED TVs offered by LG this year, but it’s still quite expensive.

While this TV has arguably the best picture on the market, it is not the right choice for the value shopper.  But, if you’re willing to pay for quality, you won’t find a better option out there this year than the LG OLEDB6P.

Any Question?

Picking the right TV is a big decision.  If you need a little help making your choice our experts would love to give you a hand.  Either stop by our Raleigh Showroom for a visit or click the button below to get in touch.  We’re looking forward to helping you decide!

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