New TV for football season

Upgrade Your TV For Football Season

We may still be deep in the dog days of summer but all around the country, from hardscrabble high school fields to multi-million dollar professional training complexes, something exciting is happening.  That’s right folks, football season is getting started.

While the players on the practice field are gearing up for another season, it’s time for you to start doing your own preparations.  Don’t worry, we’re not asking you to get out there and do wind sprints, just that you take a little time to make sure your TV is up to date for the upcoming season.

Have you been staring at the same 32-inch standard definition TV for the last 6 years?  The start of another exciting football season is just the excuse you need to splurge on an upgrade.

Latest in TV Tech

First things first, you going to want to look for a high-definition set when you upgrade.  Even more specific, keep an eye out for TV’s advertising 4k resolution.  For years the standard for HD TVs was 1080p.  Unfortunately, as screens got larger, 1080p just wasn’t cutting it any longer.  The new standard offers four times the number of pixels in the same space as a 1080p, resulting in a much crisper image no matter the screen size.

Worried about breaking the bank? Have no fear, 4k screens have been around for a few years and a massive price drop over the last year means you can get a quality 4k TV for the same price as a high-end 1080p set just a year ago.

Get In The Game

Ready to experience the game like never before?  The staff at Neuwave Systems is just as excited as you to kick off the upcoming Football season.   For professional advice on choosing the next TV give us a call or stop into our showroom in Raleigh.

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