Van Cleef Job

February 20, 2015

I just wanted to drop a quick note thanking everyone at Neuwavesystems for the great job that they did at my new house. They were recommended by my builder Jimmy Raley of Pegram Residential and good friend Jim Thompson of Future Homes. Specifically, Mark Masters was recommended.

Mark and his whole team are awesome. I am not an audiovisual expert (the stereo that was replaced was purchased in 1983 and I had never had a TV larger than 40” let alone surround sound). Now that everything is said and done, my wife would agree with me that the money we spent on our system is the best money we spent. I mention her because she told me I was crazy when I told her how much it would be! Now however when she walks over to the iPad Mini on the wall, hits a few buttons and can play any music anywhere in the house or outside..well she simply loves it.

And is it easy to use. My 7 year old daughter was the one who taught her how to use anything in the whole house. This stuff is not intimidating. Even “The Rack” (where ALL the components are stacked) is not intimidating. My daughter know how to play any movie she wants, or watch TV, or Apple TV, or Xbox. Does not need me at all. Shoot the 5 year old can do most of it.

As the one who paid for this stuff, I really appreciated Mark’s laid back approach. We met at his office and discussed what I was looking for then met at the house and walked around with Jimmy and that was essentially it. The equipment is awesome. It sounds awesome. The funny thing is that my old stereo had Klipsch speakers. I always though that they were the best speakers. And what do I have everywhere in my house? Klipsch speakers. The first color TV we ever had when I was growing up was a Sony Trinitron. What do I have now? 2 Sony 4K TV’s. The picture quality is so high that it makes 3D a waste of time. The surround sound is…well you just need to come over and watch How To Train a Dragon 2!

Finally, the technicians are awesome. When they are doing stuff at the house you can really tell that they enjoy this stuff and know what they are doing because they do not rush. They hang out. Which, I think, is cool. Of course, the proof is in the fact that it all works. This is not simple stuff. Kinks had to be worked out. Anyone who think that they can install whole house AV stuff and wireless etc and there not be kinks is crazy. All the kinks have been worked out. Everything works perfectly. Seamless. Best word to describe it.

Thank you for a job well done guys. Martin and Heather van Cleeff