Wolf Projectors: Add More Howl to Your Home Theater

Neuwave is no stranger to being fans of the Wolf.  Wolf pack being our most favorite mascot for the best team in the nation. (Ok, so maybe we are a bit partial).  Either way the name “Wolf” correlates with great and legendary things which is why we did not hesitate to carry Wolf cinema projectors in our showroom.

Wolf Cinema is dedicated to producing the finest professional grade projectors available on the market. Wolf’s DCX line of projectors stands for professional Digital Cinema-like quality, powered by industrial-strength Xenon lamps known for their long life and reliability. Reliability is a core value for Wolf, with each component hand selected based on its solidity and reliability and the entire system being brought together using the highest standards, including sophisticated cooling methods that are years ahead of the rest of the industry.

Now, customers and clients can come into our showroom and check out the system to see the difference a projector can make in your home and business.  The 4k is the most affordable option and the biggest bang for the buck.

With a screen and a projector your home theater is amplified.

If you’re looking for the new generation in the home theater experience, you owe it to yourself to see why so many people are choosing a projector with a screen over a standard TV.  The realism of “being there”  is now possible with a very small investment.    Wolf Cinema will offer the expert advice you need for the media room or “man cave” you desire.  Trust the people who have years of experience at Neuwave Systems to install your projector set up and answer all your questions before during and after.  Don’t make a mistake you could regret for years to come.

Increase the power and magnitude of your home cinema with a projector that will have all your neighbors and visitors oohing and awing.  Just remember to stock up on extra popcorn!