Outdoor TV-Neuwave Systems

Enhancing Outdoor Living With Technology

Warmer weather is on its way back, and that means we’ll be taking advantage of our outdoor living areas more and more. This year, we wanted to give you the best ways you can enhance your outdoor living by using technology. Tech has come a long way, so take a peek at how you can integrate solutions that help you better enjoy summer.

Exterior Audio

Speaker technology has made them more resilient to the elements. That means you can get special speakers wired throughout your outdoor spaces so you can enjoy your favorite tunes even when you’re outside your home. They even make speakers that look like landscaping objects like decorative stones so don’t even see that speakers are there.

Outdoor Televisions

Just like with speakers, TV’s can now support more conditions as well. Being flatter and lighter than ever, you can get these hung outside in covered areas so you can enjoy your outdoor living areas without missing the game, the news, or your favorite show.

Wireless Security Systems

Since you’ll be outside with your friends and family, you may be in and out of your home quite a bit. That’s where you’ll want some peace of mind that your home is safe. With wireless security systems, you can make sure you keep your home safe from anywhere just by using your mobile device. Don’t worry about your belongings and just get outside to enjoy that weather.

Home Automation

On top of security, you can integrate smart home solutions that will give you full control over your home. Specifically with lights and air conditioning. By using smart home tech, you’ll avoid wasting energy with lights left on when you leave, or air conditioning cranked with the doors propped open. You gain quick access to controlling your home from your mobile device and use smart programming features to keep your home energy efficient.

Prepare for summer and upgrades your homes technology so you can take full advantage of the beautiful North Carolina weather. Ready to get started? Contact us for a free quote!