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The Best Outdoor Speakers for Your Home 

Imagine your perfect outdoor party. What does it sound like? Pumping bass? Rock and roll? Smooth jazz?  With weather and pool season rolling in soon, stop relying on just your iPhone and portable speakers to deliver your audio! Instead, invest in outdoor speakers guaranteed to give you a stunning audio experience for your backyard. Today, […]

3 Reasons to Have Surround Sound in Your Home Entertainment Setup

Imagine watching a tornado strike in front of you. You hear the vibration and pitch of every hiss and rumble of its vortex. You can even hear the subtle cracks of thunder and lightning in the background.  This immersive audio experience is only possible with a surround sound system.  And whether you’re an audiophile or […]

4 Ways to Enhance your Game Day Viewing Experience

The long-awaited arrival of the 2021-2022 football season has finally come and with it comes the opportunity to invite your friends over on any given Saturday or Sunday to watch games, eat great food, and simply enjoy yourselves. Here are some ways to make your game day viewing experience better than ever before. 1. Bring […]

Enhancing Outdoor Living With Technology

Warmer weather is on its way back, and that means we’ll be taking advantage of our outdoor living areas more and more. This year, we wanted to give you the best ways you can enhance your outdoor living by using technology. Tech has come a long way, so take a peek at how you can […]

Outdoor Speakers For Pools, Decks, And Patios

Summer is here and it’s time to get out to catch some rays, splash around a little, and make the most of your home’s outdoor spaces.  Just because you want to be in the great outdoors doesn’t mean you need to leave your favorite tunes behind. Outdoor speakers are a great way to turn a […]