Finally…….Great Wireless Sound (kind of)

In my business I get asked a lot about the quality of wireless speakers.  My typical answer is “how can you expect good quality when you have no power going to the speakers?”.  I don’t care if the speaker is made of Titanium, it needs power to perform…..until now.

Last year at CEDIA (our industry conference), we went searching for a middle tiered multi source audio solution to replace Russound.  Russound was a great product, but the cost of a whole house audio solution was in line with Home Automation that included Audio, Video, and Lighting. (as well as much more).  We looked at Sony’s Home Share product, we looked at Speaker Craft, and finally we stumbled across SONOS.  That was it!

Sonos fits our business perfect because we do a lot of retro fitting as well as new construction.  It really works in both environments, but it can thrive in a retrofit.  It allows the homeowner to put speakers anywhere in the house with out having to run wire all the way back to the Stereo Equipment!  It relies on Sonos Net, a wireless protocol that transmits the source wirelessly through your home to each “Zone Player”.  Each zone player is a small amplifier that actually powers the speakers in the room and streams the source simultaneously.  The sound is great, the speed is phenomenal, and best of all it takes 10 minutes to set it up.  We actually mailed a system to a high profile client (Ex NFL Coach who has to stay in New York during football season to do the Sunday pre game show) who is not the most patient person, and we were able to walk him through the set up in less than 15 minutes over the phone!  His reaction….”This is awesome!”

So, now that you know how it works, you are probably asking, what type of music can you stream wirelessly throughout the house?  The answer, anything you want.  The main device is plugged into the Internet, which gives it access to any radio station, Pandora, Rhapsody(my favorite), and your iTunes library.  It also has an audio in so you can plug in your CD player or Cable box if you want.  It is truly amazing.  You can create play lists, favorite stations, and each zone player can play a separate source so you can have an endless amount of sources playing at the same time, or you can link the whole house up to play the same thing.

Finally, if you have an iPhone or Droid there is a free app that makes your phone the controller of all of your rooms of music.  Check out this VIDEO for a quick walk through.  Finally a music system that fits the needs of the person on the go.  Enjoy life but Love your music!