Get Your Home Security Summer Ready

With plenty of summer vacations and gatherings still to come, now is the time to pay some attention to your home’s outdoor and indoor security. Summertime is a season full of unlocked windows, open doors and garages, and long-awaited vacations that may take you away from home. Therefore we recommend equipping your house with the right technology to make sure it stays safe and secure.

Outdoor and indoor security is your home’s first line of defense – so how does yours shape up? Does it deter intruders or invite them to take a second look? Our top 5 outdoor security essentials will provide peace of mind all summer long, letting you make the most of the warm weather and longer days!

1. Smart Security Camera

When it comes to deterring potential intruders, Smart cameras are the way to go. Most burglars look for them and avoid homes with outdoor cameras installed. 

Our state-of-the-art smart security cameras from Luma Surveillance and will alert you when there is real-time activity outside and can tell whether it’s an animal, person, or vehicle. You can also customize your video alerts to see everything you want to know about—without the everyday activity that may not be relevant.

2. Smart Lighting

Shadowy characters rarely like being in the spotlight – and this goes for intruders as well. Automated outdoor lighting that is triggered by motion sensors or smart security cameras will ensure that intruders have nowhere to hide after dark.

Plan to go away on vacation this summer? Smart lighting schedules make it easier than ever to make sure every evening your lights are on, so that even while you’re away – you’re home.

3. Contact Sensors

Since schools have been let out and the kids are now back home, the top summer essential for parents peace of mind are contact sensors. Installed on doors and windows, our wireless contact sensors can alert your monitoring service to a break-in, remind you to lock up your house for the night, or even let you know that your kids are outside on their own.

4. Doorbell Camera

Deterring porch pirates in the summer is a challenge, but with the help of an doorbell camera, you can put your mind at ease. With motion triggered video alerts and live video feed with two-way voice, you can speak to visitors from anywhere whether they ring your doorbell or not.

5. Smart Garage Door Opener

Longer days equal long evening bike rides, road trips, and plenty of outdoor activities – all of which means plenty of opportunities to leave your garage door open or unlocked. Our powered garage door allows you to secure your home from your phone, so no need to turn the car around or sit at work worrying all day. 

Getting your home security system ready for summer is easy. Our team of experts can fully outfit your home with state-of-the-art home security features, and a single smartphone app to control it all. 

Ready to get started on building your home security system? Contact us today to learn more!