The Best Gift Ideas for the Tech-Obsessed in 2021

When you’re gift hunting for a friend, colleague, or family member who’s tech-obsessed, we want to make shopping for these gizmo lovers easy for you.

Plus, tech gifts come jammed with real benefits. Technology can boost wellness and daily productivity for just about anyone.

Here’s a list of the top seven gift choices for gadget gurus, eco-friendly advocates, and tech enthusiasts alike.

Sonos Holiday Savings

Sonos Speaker System

The Sonos Speaker System creates a sound system unique to your lifestyle. Sonos is compatible with all services, including Amazon Music, Audible, Pandora, IHeartRadio, YouTube Music, and many more. You can also start with one speaker and add additional parts later, including a Playbar, a Beam (for deeper bass), or a pair of rear surrounds for an immersive surround sound effect.

Best For: Families who want to group speakers in different rooms or connect speakers (so they play in sync). For example, Sonos can automatically play your morning playlist as you make breakfast or form a complete surround sound for your media room.

Control4 Home Automation

Control4 is an automation system for homes and businesses, allowing you to automate multiple devices with one easy setup. It eliminates having separate apps to control your lighting, thermostat, shades, or security systems.

You only need one app for your entire home or business, with iOS and Android versions available.

Best For: Homeowners or business owners who need to control functions for their entire space by voice, tap, or even no command at all. Control4 is a convenient way to manage several home features, including lighting your exterior home, remotely controlling an intercom at your front door, or setting multi-room audio systems. 

Google Nest Thermostat

The first thermostat to get Energy Star certified, this intelligent unit builds a schedule around yours. Automatically learning which temperatures you like, the nest adjusts to your daily patterns, making it highly energy-efficient. The Google Nest can even display weather forecasts and time in a 12-hour or 24-hour format. 

Best For: For individuals trying to conserve energy, be more eco-friendly or cut costs on their electricity bill. According to Google, Nest thermostats can reduce your energy use, saving you an average of 10% to 12% on your heating bills and 15% on your cooling bills. Along with helping keep your HVAC systems safe, you can use a smartphone or tablet to monitor your temperatures remotely.

Samsung Smart TVs

Packed with technology that makes streaming movies, listening to music, and playing games a seamless experience, Samsung TVs only require one remote. Once the TV recognizes your device, you can switch from a gaming console to a Blu-ray player without needing to change remotes.

Best For: Those that work from home, as Samsung Smart TVs offer Remote Access and PC on TV. If your computer is back at the office, TV on PC will automatically recognize your computer so you can use Office 365 and collaborate with colleagues right from home. Smart doorbell

This smart alarm keeps you and your family safe by protecting your deliveries, managing guests and visitors from anywhere, and giving you real-time video alerts.
Best For: Single dwellers who need additional security. This doorbell allows you to unlock your door, turn your porch lights on as you speak to a visitor, and disarm your security system.

RowOne Home Theater Seating

RowOne’s technology-driven designs offer comfortable, enjoyable, and affordable seating. With styles that complement any home decor, RowOne seating has motorized headrests, memory button seating, and built-in USB charging ports.

Best For: Homeowners or clubhouses with a media or theater room. Or for back and knee pain sufferers who need to prioritize comfort and functional seating for their living spaces.

LG Projectors

With LG projectors, you can experience up to 300 inches of brilliant 4K UHD resolution. These projectors provide superior picture quality, color, detail, and dimension. It’s also a smart solution that gives you premium cinema quality with a much larger picture for less money than a big TV.

Best For: Individuals or families who wish for an immersive cinematic experience. LG Projectors also save on horizontal real estate—ideal for those living in small spaces (since you only need one bare wall or projector screen). Amazon also sells a quart of screen paint to give you a white backdrop.

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