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The Must-Have Smart Home Devices in 2021

Smart home devices are an essential for homes in the 21st century. Because of ever-evolving technology, the options for enhancing a home with convenient and seamless features are endless… and a bit overwhelming! We’ve narrowed down a list of our favorite smart home devices that can not only make your life easier and more efficient but also decrease the cost of your energy bill and keep your home safe.

Automated Shades

home with automated shades

Committed to energy-efficiency and quality, Hunter Douglas creates custom window shades and shutters that will save energy and keep your home comfortable. These shades are capable of connecting with your smartphone, allowing you to control all of your window lighting at your fingertips. With custom integration, our experts are able to sync the automated shades to existing whole home automation devices that may already exist in your home.

Smart Home Speakers

Smart speakers are easily one of the most popular smart devices to have in your home. All brands of smart home speakers include capabilities that let you play music, ask questions, set reminders, turn on lights and more all from a simple voice command. Here are a few of our favorite smart home speakers to add to your home!

Sonos One

Sonos One

Get rich, room-filling sound with Sonos One, a powerful smart speaker compatible with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Control with voice command, the Sonos app, Apple AirPlay2, and more. Sonos One is easy to set up and seamlessly incorporate into an existing smart home setup. This speaker includes two high-quality audio drivers and allows you to pair two units to create a stereo sound or multiroom audio. Sonos One is great for anyone who is looking for a speaker with quality sound at a reasonable price.

amazon echo 4th generation

Amazon Echo (4th Generation)

This latest Echo speaker from Amazon is a great option for a first-time smart speaker buyer or current Alexa fans who are looking for an upgrade. This speaker is able to seamlessly connect to and control other smart home devices through its built-in Zigbee smart home hub. The Echo comes in multiple colors and is made out of recycled aluminum, fabric and plastics, so you can feel good about buying this sustainable speaker!

google nest audio smart speaker

Google Nest Audio Smart Speaker

Priced at just $100, the Nest Audio Speaker has great audio quality for its compact size and modern design. This speaker has an easy set up and the capability to control numerous smart home devices. There’s even an option to pair two Nest speakers to increase stereo sound. If you’re a fan of Google Assistant, then the Nest Audio Speaker is a no-brainer purchase that is guaranteed to make your life easier.

Smart Plugs

smart plug

Smart Plugs are the easiest way to make any non-smart device in your home a smart one. For example, the Amazon Smart Plug works with Alexa to add voice control to any outlet. Schedule lights, fans, and appliances to automatically turn on and off and even control them remotely while away from your home. Simply plug the smart plug into an outlet, add any on/off electric device, and then set up your preferences within the Alex app. Many smart plug brands have the capability to connect to your Wi-Fi network, so there’s no smart home hub required. 

Alarm and Home Security Systems

home security controlled from tablet

Have peace of mind while away from home with a smart home alarm or security system. Monitor your system and get push notifications remotely anytime an alarm is triggered, plus get protection from intrusion, fire, and life safety events! Neuwave Systems only installs the best home security systems, and there’s no better alarm system on the market than those powered by Using robust machine learning,’s home security systems are able to detect unexpected activity around your home, alerting you when there may be a potential threat to your family. Take the worry out of home security and let our professionals handle your complete installation. Our home security system plans start as low as $25 a month and have no long term contracts.

Keep your home secure with a security system from

Smart Heating and Cooling System

A person using a smart phone application saving energy with a wireless smart thermostat on a white background.

Keep the cost of your energy bill low with customizable temperature control via a smart house thermostat. Not only do these thermostats manage a home’s heating and cooling system, they also make it possible to adjust your thermostat through an app on your smartphone.So whether you’re sitting in your living room or miles away from home, you can adjust your thermostat wherever you are. Smart house thermostats like Nest include features such as HVAC monitoring, which can keep tabs on your HVAC system and notifies you if there is a system issue or when it’s time to replace your air filter. Nest is also able to show you how much energy you use every day within the Nest app, allowing you to see when you use more energy so you can learn how to use less. These smart devices are true energy savers that are great for both your wallet and the environment.

Entire Home Automation

entire home automation system through Control4 OS3

Transform your entire home into a smart home with Control4 OS3. With over 1,000 features and interaction enhancements available, this home automation system can help you take control of your house from your fingertips. Turn on your lights, lock or unlock doors, check security cameras or even change your TV or audio systems in different rooms, the Control4 OS3 is capable of all this and more with simplicity at its forefront.This smart home system has its own OS3 software to integrate all of your smart devices and applications, making it easy for you to control all of your home from a tablet, remote, or smartphone. 

With its enhanced dashboard and efficient usability, it’s easy to understand why Control4 is the ideal home automation system. We highly recommend having your Control 4 OS3 system installed by a professional, as they have the knowledge, tools and training to get your home automation system running exactly the way you’d want. These professionals will help you understand the best solutions for your smart home during installation, and will be there to help you if there is a glitch in your system later on. 

Ready to get started on setting up your smart home? As Raleigh’s premier supplier and installer of smart home technologies, Neuwave can help you take control of your home so that you can live simply and efficiently. Find out how we can help you get started on setting up your smart home technology with a free quote!