4 Ways to Enhance your Game Day Viewing Experience

The long-awaited arrival of the 2021-2022 football season has finally come and with it comes the opportunity to invite your friends over on any given Saturday or Sunday to watch games, eat great food, and simply enjoy yourselves. Here are some ways to make your game day viewing experience better than ever before.

1. Bring Gameday Outside

Take advantage of the warmer weather while you still can and enjoy the game out on your patio or deck with an outdoor TV. With high-quality, weatherproof TVs from brands such as Sealoc or Sunbrite, you’ll be able to see all the great plays in high definition in any outdoor setting.

2. Settle Into Comfy Seating

With Row One custom home theater seating, every seat will be the best one in the house. These incredibly long-lasting home theater recliners include innovative technology-driven designs enhanced with functionality so you can watch the game in style.

3. Surround Yourself in Incredible Sound

Our high-quality home audio systems will fully immerse you in your gameday experience so that you will never miss a play call or the smallest of details. Work with our audio engineers to find the right solution for your space including stand-alone speakers, built-in speakers, or even outdoor audio.

4. Project Plays on the Big Screen

Elevate your game day experience with high-definition projectors. Choose from top brands in the projector industry and fill your space with the correct size screen to host the ultimate football watch party.

This is a modern home theater room.

Ready to get started on enhancing your game-day setup? Contact our experts at Neuwave today and let us help you determine the right technology for your space!