The Best Outdoor Speakers for Your Home 

Imagine your perfect outdoor party. What does it sound like?

Pumping bass? Rock and roll? Smooth jazz? 

With weather and pool season rolling in soon, stop relying on just your iPhone and portable speakers to deliver your audio!

Instead, invest in outdoor speakers guaranteed to give you a stunning audio experience for your backyard.

Today, we’re highlighting one of the top outdoor speaker systems currently on the market: The Origin Acoustics AS51 Landscape System. 

Here’s everything you need to know about this setup (and how it will boost your landscape’s audio and aesthetics tenfold).

What makes this system unique?

The AS51SYS Landscape Audio System will bring surround sound to your backyard with four 51/4” two-way satellite speakers housed in camouflaged, aluminum enclosures. These satellites include a 5.25-inch driver, capped with a 1-inch titanium tweeter (and can extend up to four loudspeakers on each right and left channel).

This system also includes a bass-boosting, high-power 10” subwoofer with a dedicated DSP amplifier.

The amplifier comes pre-tuned to the system, so it will sound fantastic right out of the box!

And this system is also far-reaching (thanks to its 360-degree acoustic lens). 

Why invest in this system?

Origin Acoustics Seasons Landscape Speakers can withstand snow, rain, cold, and anything else!

With uncompromisable sound, no matter the atmosphere, condition, or size of your yard—this system is heavy-duty.

DSP3-700 Amplifier runs 700 watts per channel at 70v or 8Ω, giving you clear sound (and a wide dispersion pattern for even coverage).

This system also has endless configurations, which means you can scale the best solution for you (and your home), filling your outdoor environment with quality music. 

The best part? 

This system blends in with your landscaping. 

Tuck it away in flower beds and planters. Or, try Origin’s Acoustic rocks and contemporary landscape bollard loudspeakers!

How’s the setup?

You can install the AS51SUB in the ground (or on hard surfaces). 

When buried, this system’s ports extend a few inches above the surface, with tones set to match your natural terrain. 

If you install the system on your patio, it features rubber feet to grip your surface (and prevent movement). Plus, all its wires tuck neatly into its base, ensuring you get a clean, professional installation. 

Get started on building your outdoor oasis today! 

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