3 Reasons to Have Surround Sound in Your Home Entertainment Setup

Imagine watching a tornado strike in front of you. You hear the vibration and pitch of every hiss and rumble of its vortex. You can even hear the subtle cracks of thunder and lightning in the background. 

This immersive audio experience is only possible with a surround sound system. 

And whether you’re an audiophile or a homeowner looking to upgrade your media room, here are 3 reasons why a surround sound system is an investment you’ll want to make.


Enjoy the Cinema Experience (Without Leaving Home)

A surround sound system gives you the ultimate convenience and comfort. Skip the movie theater and enjoy the ultimate box office experience right at home. 

This setup also saves you money in the long run. It’s less expensive to watch a movie at home versus going out (especially if you’re with a big group of friends or family). 

When watching a movie at home, the Sonos Speaker System creates the perfect surround sound experience. With a pair of rear surrounds, a Playbar, and Beam (for deeper bass), you’ll get an immersive surround sound effect. Sonos is also compatible with all services, including Amazon Music, Audible, Pandora, IHeartRadio, and YouTube Music. 

Increase the Quality of Your Sound

Gameday? Movie night? Netflix binge? Whatever activity is keeping you busy, here’s how upgrading your audio setup can help.

High-performance speakers offer better acoustics. If you’re working and need classical music playing in the background to focus, a professional audio setup will carry sound over your spaces (and ears) just right. 

High-performance sound will bring your listening experience to the next level, even during gamedays—you’ll never miss a play

Depending on your setup and needs, you can modify every speaker to fit your space size and layout.

If you’re unsure which setup is right for you, we’ll work with you 1:1 to find the best solution. Then, based on your space, we can advise on the best audio system for you, including stand-alone speakers, built-in speakers, or outdoor audio.

Surround Sound System

Customize Your Audio Just for You

When you invest in a high-quality home audio system for your media room (or home theater), you can customize every detail. 

For example, you get to control the amount of bass you experience from your subwoofer. 

What does a subwoofer do? It uses air pressure to create low-frequency sounds and produce bass tones. This device is responsible for the rumbles you hear in a movie. 

Most commonly, a 5.1 surround sound system is recommended. This is where you have 5 speakers and 1 subwoofer. Of the five speakers included in this surround sound system, one of them is called the center channel (the center speaker). This speaker helps with hearing movie dialogues clearly that would otherwise be missed with standard television speakers. 

Also keep in mind, as televisions modernize and become thinner, their built-in speakers become less capable and smaller—making the need for a surround sound system increasingly necessary. 

Experience movies like never before in the comfort of your recliner.

And leave the installation to us! At Neuwave, we give you the best tech brands and solutions for your home. If you’re ready to install a surround sound system in your media room or home theater, contact us today to schedule a FREE consultation!